Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day to all you dog lovers out there! At Kanawha City Pediatric we love animals and most of our staff have dogs in as part of their families. Today we want to celebrate Dr. Don’s three adorable pooches; meet Auggie, Baxter, and Bella! 

Dr. Don and his family have three adorable puppies: Baxter is a 4-year-old golden retriever who loves Dr. Don’s kitties, Auggie is a three-year-old wirehaired dachshund who loves to cuddle, and Bella is a playful nine-month-old retriever, lab, hound mix who makes the most hilarious expressions. Dr. Don had always wanted a dog but never thought he’d have three! 

Life with three dogs is far from boring. All three of them love to run around Dr. Don’s backyard while his family sits around our firepit. One funny incident that occurred is when Dr. Don put Auggie to bed in his crate but didn't know that one of the cats was resting in there! They had a sleepover! Besides the silliness and entertainment, Dr. Don’s three dogs provide so much love and joy every day. They are always happy to see him and his family. 

To celebrate Baxter, Auggie, and Bella Dr. Don plans on giving them lots of love and treats! They love bones and chew toys!

If you are considering introducing a dog into your family Dr. Don highly encourages you to do so because of the love and companionship they offer. Though first, he advises you to consider the amount of commitment and work a dog can be. Dogs require a tremendous amount of attention and effort but are always worth it. 

We hope everyone has a great day celebrating their dogs! 

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