Happy November!

Hello, November! At Kanawha City Pediatric Dentistry we are excited to welcome the start of the holiday season. With each passing year, we enjoy the changing of the seasons more and more. With all the ups and downs of this year, we are certainly thankful for a beautiful blue sky and sunshine-- we have had an abundance of those days this fall!

This Thanksgiving, Dr.Skaff’s menu will remain the same, but his family unit will be much smaller due to the ongoing Coronavirus. Traditionally, Dr. Skaff has hosted his extended family for a Thanksgiving feast. The gathered guests were so large in number it required additional tables be set, which at one time numbered 40 people! Dr. Skaff will definitely miss seeing everyone at his home this year but thankfully staying connected has never been easier with frequent texting, calling, and sending FB posts to loved ones to stay in touch. For those who won’t be in person at Dr. Skaff’s house, they will have a Zoom gathering on Thanksgiving Day. When it’s not the holidays Dr. Skaff tries to have a Zoom get together or a Netflix watch party with his extended family.

This year might look a little different from previous years, but thankfully the traditional thanksgiving menu will not change. There’s nothing like a delicious turkey that has been brined and roasted in a bag, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, hashwee (a traditional rice dressing), candied sweet potatoes, cornbread stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, green beans, rolls, and brussel sprouts. So much yumminess! For dessert, there will be both pumpkin and pecan pie. To keep it interesting, Dr. Skaff and his family like to try a different twist on classic recipes each year.

Thanksgiving is not only a time to express love and gratitude to your family but also to give back to your community and express gratitude in all areas of your life. Each November, Dr. Skaff and his family keep a gratitude journal and update it daily with something they are grateful for. Also, they make donations to local and national charities, such as Manna Meal, The Salvation Army, Union Mission, and others.
Dr. Skaff and his team are all so grateful that the dental practice has continued to flourish amid this ongoing pandemic. Thank you to all our awesome patients for cooperating with the new office health and safety guidelines. We couldn’t do it without each and every one of you! Also, with the addition of Dr. Mindy, we have had so many opportunities to see new patients and welcome them into our dental family.

We hope everyone has a safe and joyful Thanksgiving holiday this month. See you in our office again soon!

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